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Anyware IT solutions prides itself in finding excellent security solutions which are not deep on your pockets. Our expertise had been ensuring our customers data and network is secured holistically and not find themselves an easy target for hackers, scammers and data thief.

You already have an in-house IT staff or your are being serviced Outsourced Vendor…. No Problem At All… We can still help you enhance your security coverage and help you identify the areas which were overlooked. If possible our recommendation can  reduce your IT expenditure by big margin.  

Remember your data is critical to your operation and leakage of it is not pleasant to your reputation. We offer non-obligatory consultancy service, we do it over web-session or onsite visit.

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IT Security

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It Outsourcing

IT Support Package

We’ve Comprehensive and Affordable IT support Packages catering to your needs by Well Trained Professionals with years of experience.

Premium Support Package

  • 20 Hours Onsite Support Hours
  • 2 Hrs Response Time
  • Support Covers Desktop and Server OS/Software/ Hardware Issues
  • Unlimited Email/Chat Support (9-6 Business Days)
  • 10 Desktop + 1 Server Backup Client + 1TB Cloud Storage
  • Remote Assistance
  • First consultancy service free
  • Free IT Security Review

Standard Support Package

$1200/month $600/month

Price after applying promotional discount of 50%

  • 10 Hours Onsite Support Hours
  • Response By Next Business Day
  • Support Covers Desktop OS/Software/Hardware Issues
  • 50 Email/Chat Support/Mnth (9-6 Business Days)
  • 5 Desktop Backup Clients + 500GB Cloud Storage
  • Remote Assistance
  • First consultancy service free
  • Free IT Security Review

Our Solutions Portfolio

Some of the amazing Products which form our Solutions Portfolio

Fudo PAM
Libra ESVA
With Secure
Kerio Control
Kerio Connect

Let’s Get in Touch for Free Consultancy

We offer free non obligatory consultancy service, all we care is how we can help better protect your network and data. Do not hesitate to contact us..


Excellent product and back up service from the good people at Anyware IT Solutions. Highly recommend 🙂

Woon Kee Yang
Yu Fish Pte Ltd


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