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“Do you know what’s happening in your network”

“Why is my network slow ?”

Employees can connect their own home laptops to network or had installed apps to office systems which be doing the following:

  • Downloading large media files
  • Running automated games in the background
  • Mining cypto currency
  • Worst of All these systems  are infected with network bots which infect other systems globally using your network

    Or your wifi network is hacked due to weak passwords

Digital creations are your hardwork and money spent. 

Company’s confidential data is their reputation and competitive edge. 

And for those storing Public’s data has added obligation to safeguard it or Risk facing Stern action and penalty from PDPC. 

Do you have a clear account of how, who, where and when these data are moved,copied and read ?

“ Do you still own your data ?”

“Is your company being Impersonated by Fraudsters”

Cases of email accounts being compromised and important banking details & invoicing information leakage have been on the rise. 

This results in your rightful payment being made to off shore accounts.

It doesn’t stop there; any information gathered is a hot sell in the dark web. 

Are you still in control of your emails. 

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Our Online Backup Solution Features

File and Image Based backup

  • Data compression and encryption
  • GFS retention policy
  • Backup consistency checks
  • Synthetic full backup to any storage
  • destination
  • Automated restore verification
  • Immutability
  • Deduplication.

Virtual Machine Backup

  • Changed Block Tracking for VMware
  • Hyper-V Cluster support
  • Application-consistent backup
  • Restore VMs to Amazon EC2 and MS
  • Azure VM
  • Item-level restore


  • Different permission levels for administrators
  • Two-factor authentication
  • IP-allow listing
  • Lock users out of editing backup and restore plans
  • Custom passwords to restrict access to the backed-up data
  • Tracking of all major actions within the console
  • We don’t store any of your data in our systems
  • SSL-encrypted connections
  • Immutable backup

Microsoft 365/
Google Workspace backup

  • Data backup for Outlook Mail, Gmail, OneDrive, Google Drive, Contacts,
  • Calendar, SharePoint , Google Shared Drives and Microsoft Teams


  • File-level restore
  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Restore directly from a cloud or USB flash drive
  • Item-level restore
  • Restore to Hyper-V or to ESXi Host
  • Restore to Cloud (Amazon EC2, MS Azure VM)
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