Bumblebee is Increasing its Capacity and Evolving

Bumblebee is in constant evolution, which is best demonstrated by the fact that the loader system has undergone a radical change twice in the range of a few days — first from the use of ISO format files to VHD format files containing a powershell script, then back again.

Changes in the behavior of Bumblebee’s servers that occurred around June 2022 indicate that the attackers may have shifted their focus from extensive testing of their malware to reach as many victims as possible.

Bumblebee payloads vary greatly based on the type of victim. Infected standalone computers will likely be hit with banking trojans or infostealers, whereas organizational networks can expect to be hit with more advanced post-exploitation tools such as CobaltStrike.


Bumblebee is Increasing its Capacity and Evolving
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