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Apple “My Photo Stream” is shutting down

Apple’s “My Photo Stream” service is shutting its door on July 26, 2023. Most Apple users who are reliant on this FREE feature would be forced to pay for the premium iCloud Photo service. What is My Photo Stream: It is a free service that uploads the last 30 days of images (up to 1,000) to iCloud, […]

The iPhone is Dead

Apple’s smartphone isn’t the innovation machine it once was. But the ideas behind the iPhone and the world it helped create are as influential as ever. Many have predicted the death of the iPhone. We’ve been at Peak iPhone a bunch of different times. We’ve seen “stagnant growth,” “looming trouble,” and prognostications that other companies would steal […]

Best Consumer Techs of the Year

Compiled by Tomshardware Best SSDs 2022: From Budget SATA to Blazing-Fast NVMe Best Flash Drives: Fast, Roomy USB Storage in Your Pocket Best External SSDs and Hard Drives of 2022 Best PC Cases 2022: Our Tested Picks for Your New Build Best CPUs for Workstations 2022 Best Webcams of 2022 Best College Laptops: Tested Picks […]

Windows News

Good news, you can finally purchase Windows 11 Home and Professional licenses directly from Microsoft instead of having to buy Windows 10 first and then do an upgrade (Tom’s Hardware). Bad news, more USB printing problems with Windows 10 (Born’s Tech and Windows World). Good news, it’s now easier to rip CDs using Media Player in Windows 11(BetaNews). If you […]

Spyware Vendor Targets Mobile Users

Google has been tracking the activities of commercial spyware vendors for years. Recently, RCS Labs, an Italian vendor, has been found to use a combination of tactics, including atypical drive-by downloads as initial infection vectors to target mobile users on both iOS and Android. Google has identified victims located in Italy and Kazakhstan. All campaigns […]

Windows News

BetaNews tells us that Microsoft is bringing an “amazing new Privacy Auditing feature to Windows 11“. The new feature which is called Privacy Auditing will inform you about which apps have accessed sensitive devices like your camera or microphone, and also when they accessed those devices. Another new feature that Microsoft is working on for […]

Crypto Mugging is on the Rise

People around the world are being jumped on the street, their phones taken, and their crypto wallets fully drained. This new threat combines the criminal activities of the past with those of the future. Read More …

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