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Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks

Understanding Microsoft 365 security for your environment Why MFA Is More Important than Ever for Microsoft 365 How To Adjust The Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA) For Microsoft 365 How to Build Workflows Using Power Automate and AI in Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Login: Troubleshooting User Sign-In Problems How to Prevent Microsoft 365 From Purging Old Messages […]

Windows Tech News

Windows 11 22H2 no longer supports Software Restriction Policies (SRP) (Günter Born) Microsoft WinGet package manager failing due to CDN issues (Bleeping Computer) Turns out shutting off Windows 11 security features helps Intel graphics cards performance, too (OnMSFT) Windows Server news Microsoft: Server Manager disk resets can lead to data loss (Bleeping Computer)

Windows News

More hot news on the Windows front regarding the recent release of Windows 11 22H2: Windows 11 Phishing Protection Feature Poses Potential Risk (ITPro Today) Microsoft fixes Windows TLS handshake failures in out-of-band updates(Bleeping Computer) And here’s a surprising change concerning Windows 11 that caught some of us off guard: Windows Terminal is now the Default […]

Virtualization Tech Tips

Great list of Virtualization Tech tips below: Recovering a Deleted VMFS Datastore on VMware ESXi/vSphere (Windows OS Hub) Adding Drivers into VMWare ESXi Installation Image (Windows OS Hub) Measuring Your Hyper-V VMs Resource Health (TechGenix) Common Problems When Installing an OS on a Hyper-V VM (TechGenix) Why are so many VMware customers still on vSphere […]

Top Cybercrime Cases in 2022

Cybersecurity was on everyone’s lips throughout 2022, and for a good reason. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported a whopping 62% yearly increase in cybercrime cases between February 2021 and February 2022. Surprisingly, the types of cybercrime cases committed have become more basic. Today, simpler hacks, scams, and attacks are more prevalent than sophisticated cracks and […]

Difference in Network Observability and Monitoring

Cloud computing has made our networks complex to the point that we need better resources to watch over them. Network observability and monitoring are two resources you can use to achieve that. Of course, they have unique use-cases, but can you use them together? Read more to find what network observability and monitoring are and their different use-cases; […]

Single vs Multi Tenant Cloud Architecture

Using the cloud in your business is undoubtedly beneficial for infrastructure, security, marketing, and deployment. Depending on your business needs, you’ll have to choose whether to use single-tenant or multi-tenant cloud architecture.  Single-tenant architecture is when a single client uses a dedicated cloud server. Conversely, multi-tenant cloud architecture is meant for multiple clients, all of whom share the same server segment. Generally, […]

Tech Tips and Tutorials

Here’s a handful of cybersecurity best practices and tips for you: How to Protect Your System from a Side-Channel Attack (TechGenix) NSA shares tips on securing Windows devices with PowerShell(BleepingComputer) Cloud Security Pen Testing: Everything You Need to Know (Charbel Nemnom) Securing Virtual Machine Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure (Marius Sandbu) Video: Practical Aspects of IPv6 Security (

Linux News

Something to think about for those considering migrating PCs from Windows to Linux. Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2022 edition (ITVision). This guy also has interesting articles about everything wrong with Win10 and Win11. Very opinionated but has lots of stuff to think about.


Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are two of the most widely used tools in modern cybersecurity environments. Even some of the best next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) incorporate them! Often, people believe that IDS and IPS are inseparable. But the truth is, they’re two different systems. This IDS vs IPS article will clarify their differences. This way, you’ll know which […]

Continuous Security Monitoring Guide

The growing threat of cyberattacks has made it critical for companies to go all out to protect their assets. At the heart of these protection measures is Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM). These measures enable companies to stay on top of the health and security of their system. CSM is also known as cybersecurity monitoring, network security monitoring, and information security monitoring. No […]

Type of Attack Vectors and How to Prevent

Increasing internet connectivity and cloud storage bring many security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals often exploit these vulnerabilities to steal, expose, or destroy information from network systems. While many organizations have cybersecurity protocols to avoid cyberattacks, this isn’t enough to stop cybercriminals from attempting to gain unauthorized access. It’s important for you to understand that these attempts are often successful. Cybercriminals rely on attack […]

Guide to Network Automation

Businesses worldwide are looking to leverage technology to improve daily operations. Additionally, companies have more users and use cases. As a result,enterprise networking is getting convoluted. This increasing network complexity hinders growth and affects businesses. So what is the solution? Network automation! Automation allows you to automate manual, cumbersome tasks in networking. It also helps in standardizing the […]

AI in CyberSecurity: Good or Bad

You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate complex repetitive tasks much faster than a human. AI technology can sort complex, repetitive input logically. That’s why AI is used for facial recognition and self-driving cars. But this ability also paved the way for AI cybersecurity. This is especially helpful in assessing threats in complex organizations. When business structures are continually […]

Credential Theft and How can you prevent it

Cybercriminals conduct credential harvesting for many reasons. They may be looking for your network’s location. They may also want to commit fraud. A 2017 Verizon report stated that over 80% of cybercrime was a result of stolen passwords! This trend of stealing credentials is on the rise.     A lack of jobs for highly qualified IT literate personnel has led […]

Data Leak: What and How to Prevent

A data leak is an unauthorized data transfer from within a company to a third party. Individuals, companies, and government agencies experience financial and reputational loss if unauthorized parties get access to their sensitive data. All businesses benefit from monitoring cybersecurity risks and taking appropriate steps to prevent data loss and theft. In this article, […]

Your Complete Guide to Digital Workplace Solutions

A digital workplace is a virtual platform designed to streamline everyday work and improve employees’ efficiency, collaboration, and morale. It’s a central hub that extends the physical office workspace and allows employees to work without being bound to a single location. Employees use digital workplace technologies to streamline business operations, communicate securely, and share ideas […]

VMs vs Containers : Which should you Pick

If you’re looking to improve computer performance, the list narrows down to two notable inventions: virtualization and containerization. Both methods have allowed IT professionals to benefit from the physical hardware running on a server. The goal is to use the same resources but run different operating systems. The question I’ll be answering in this article is: which […]

RansomWare : BlackByte

BlackByte is a ransomware family that has been building a name for itself since 2021. Like its contemporaries, it has gone after critical infrastructure for a higher chance of a getting a payout. Blackbyte Initial versions used symmetric keys, it has multiple variants, archives files using WinRAR, uses trojanized legitimate tools, and involves phishing emails […]

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