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Windows Tech Tips and Tricks

How to Remove Windows 10’s Annoying Search Highlights Icons (Tom’s Hardware) How to auto shutdown Windows when it’s been idle for a while (OnMSFT) How to Transfer a Windows 10 or 11 License to Another PC (Tom’s Hardware) How to Run a Program as a Different User (RunAs) in Windows? (Windows OS Hub) How to Keep Windows Running Smoothly (Tom’s […]

Removing Uninstalled Software Data from Windows

It’s common for Windows users to uninstall applications from their computers. It’s pointless to keep applications on your disk if you no longer use them. Unfortunately, when you uninstall an application, some of its data may remain on the hard disk.  To make matters worse, these application remnants sometimes contain sensitive data. In this article, […]

Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks

Understanding Microsoft 365 security for your environment Why MFA Is More Important than Ever for Microsoft 365 How To Adjust The Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA) For Microsoft 365 How to Build Workflows Using Power Automate and AI in Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Login: Troubleshooting User Sign-In Problems How to Prevent Microsoft 365 From Purging Old Messages […]

Windows Tech News

Windows 11 22H2 no longer supports Software Restriction Policies (SRP) (Günter Born) Microsoft WinGet package manager failing due to CDN issues (Bleeping Computer) Turns out shutting off Windows 11 security features helps Intel graphics cards performance, too (OnMSFT) Windows Server news Microsoft: Server Manager disk resets can lead to data loss (Bleeping Computer)

Windows News

More hot news on the Windows front regarding the recent release of Windows 11 22H2: Windows 11 Phishing Protection Feature Poses Potential Risk (ITPro Today) Microsoft fixes Windows TLS handshake failures in out-of-band updates(Bleeping Computer) And here’s a surprising change concerning Windows 11 that caught some of us off guard: Windows Terminal is now the Default […]

Windows News and Tech Tips

WIndows 11 Tech Tips Hate Windows 11? Here’s how to make it work more like Windows 10 (ZDNet) How To Dual Boot Linux and Windows 11 (Tom’s Hardware) Using Snap Layouts in Windows 11 22H2 (Tip o’ the week) Senior Program Manager at Microsoft reveals a great volume adjustment secret for Windows 11 (BetaNews) How […]

Windows 10/11 News

Snippets of latest news on Windows Client Microsoft releases KB5017389 update for Windows 11 2022 Update to fix dozens of problems (BetaNews) Slower SMB Read Performance for large files in 22H2 (Storage at Microsoft) Windows 11: Printer driver confirmed as upgrade stopper (Born’s Tech and Windows World) Beware: Microsoft Edge found serving malicious tech support […]

Power of Windows PowerShell

Great set of links which would be useful in managing windows systems with ease: Enhance PowerShell with the PSReadLine Module (TechGenix) Find Inactive User Accounts In Your Domain (Command Line Ninja) Use PowerShell to determine the Windows version on DVD, ISO, or USB installation media (Mike F. Robbins) Using PowerShell Behind a Proxy Server (Windows […]

Windows Server News

An update on the happening in Window Server platform, please click on the links for respective Articles: Microsoft Finalizes Plans to Fix Unfair Licensing in EU SMB compress behavior & settings changes NIC Certification updates in the Windows Server Catalog Microsoft adds virtual cores to Windows Server licensing

Windows Powershell Tips and Tutorial

This week we have nine tips for those who use PowerShell for managing their environment: Configuring PowerShell 7 With Group Policy (Under The Stairs) 3 Ways to Download a File in PowerShell (ITPro Today) How to perform Azure AD bulk operations with PowerShell (Command Line Ninja) From Standard User To Elevated Administrator: Run Elevated Powershell […]

Linux News

Something to think about for those considering migrating PCs from Windows to Linux. Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2022 edition (ITVision). This guy also has interesting articles about everything wrong with Win10 and Win11. Very opinionated but has lots of stuff to think about.

Windows News

Good news, you can finally purchase Windows 11 Home and Professional licenses directly from Microsoft instead of having to buy Windows 10 first and then do an upgrade (Tom’s Hardware). Bad news, more USB printing problems with Windows 10 (Born’s Tech and Windows World). Good news, it’s now easier to rip CDs using Media Player in Windows 11(BetaNews). If you […]

Windows 11 Tech tips

Rufus – How it modifies Media – Out of Office Install Windows 11 without Windows account – Tomshardware How to clean boot Windows 11 -Techrepublic Customizing the Windows 11 22H2 Start menu layout – Out of Office

Smash-and-Grab: AstraLocker 2.0 Pushes Ransomware Direct from Office Docs

ReversingLabs recently discovered instances of the AstraLocker 2.0 malware distributed directly from Microsoft Word files used in phishing attacks.  The “smash and grab” attack methodology as well as other features suggest the attacker behind this malware is low-skill and looking to cause disruption, compared with the more patient, methodical, and measured approach to compromises used […]

Windows Tips and Tricks

How to Deploy Windows 10 (11) with PXE Network Boot? (Windows OS Hub) How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Windows PC? (Windows OS Hub) How to Repair EFI/GPT Bootloader on Windows 10 or 11? (Windows OS Hub) How to replace your Windows 11 Start menu with a third-party app (ZDNet) How to install Microsoft Store apps and […]

Tips and Tutorial

Let’s mix things up a bit this week, just for fun. Here goes! Enable BitLocker Silently using Autopilot and Intune (TechNuggets) How to Install and Uninstall KernelCare (Linux Journal) 5 Firewall Best Practices Every Business Should Implement (TechGenix) Tips for Overcoming Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Challenges (DataCenter Knowledge) How to install and edit desktop files […]

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