Why are Network Management Solution Important

The network management solution (NMS) market contains many products that claim to offer the best experience and network security. To this end, choosing a solution that meets your needs can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges has to do with trusting these solutions. Are they safe? Are they reliable? Remember that you need to keep your network […]

What are Advanced Persistent Threats(APT)

Cybercriminals often use an advanced persistent threat (APT) to sustain surveillance or attacks against targets. One of the most valuable assets in a business is its data. Cybercriminals use APTs to steal your information, including trade secrets and patents. Also, bad actors can use APTs to gain employee and client information for extortion or to […]

Essential Email Security Policies

Although the average person may not encounter a substantial amount of emails, businesses and people within these businesses use email every day. Unfortunately, cybercriminals often use this common messaging tool as an attack vector. In this year’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, phishing is the costliest initial attack vector, with an average of USD4.91 million. The […]

Why You Need Email Spam Filter

Unwanted communication, or email spam, is a common challenge for many businesses today. Cyberattackers often send mass emails to millions of email addresses they scraped from the internet. These emails usually have a sense of urgency, lucrative offers, or even mimic other genuine sites. However, the main motivation behind these emails is far more sinister. […]

Removing Uninstalled Software Data from Windows

It’s common for Windows users to uninstall applications from their computers. It’s pointless to keep applications on your disk if you no longer use them. Unfortunately, when you uninstall an application, some of its data may remain on the hard disk.  To make matters worse, these application remnants sometimes contain sensitive data. In this article, […]

Should you Filter Websites at Workplace

Remote working and web-based services are contributing to the success of many businesses. Yet, dependence on an internet connection makes companies vulnerable to web-based threats. For example, malicious software enters corporate networks when employees browse the internet. Also, clicking and downloading files from anywhere online increases malware risks by 32%. But you can still ban certain […]

Simple Penetration Testing Guide

The number of cyberattacks is increasing alarmingly around the globe. Nowadays, cybercriminals target almost all companies despite their size or domain. This encourages companies to find a solution to secure their systems and confidential data. Thus, companies invest large capital and resources in penetration testing as their first line of defense. Penetration testing is an effective cybersecurity […]

Is CIFS still relevant ?

Protocols have guided server-client communications for a long time—and they’re a good way to send and receive data. But every protocol has various nuances. Therefore, you should know which protocol you want to use before setting up a network. Even with the advancement of technology, server-client protocols have remained constant. As such, many are 20 years […]

Network Segmentation Best Practices

Your network is your company’s greatest strength. However, it can also be your company’s greatest weakness if you don’t protect it well. Networks have changed a lot since the days of simple switches, routers, and a flat network structure. Today, we have on-prem servers, devices with cloud services, and a distributed workforce. With more complex networks, network […]

How IOC Helps in Cybersecurity

An indicator of compromise (IOC) refers to something left by a cyberattacker on your system. Whether this was intentional or a mistake might not be clear initially. A cyberattacker might leave an indicator of compromise directly through system activity or indirectly through system modification. Cyberattackers often take months to implement, escalate, and position their attacks correctly. In turn, […]

Is Open VPN Good Enough

Cyberattackers use various techniques to harm you, ranging from cyberstalking to ransomware. Packet sniffing is one of the first techniques cyberattackers learn in their “careers”. In short, packet sniffing is problematic because of its simplicity and the prevalence of packet sniffing tools. For instance, you can access these tools as part of Kali Linux or download them […]

What is Lateral Movement

Appearing in 25% of all attacks encountered by respondents of the 2022 VMware Global Incident Response Threat Report, we can no longer ignore the issue of lateral movement. Unless you understand exactly what it is and what it’s all about, this malicious tactic can undermine your network’s security. In this article, you’ll learn what lateral movement is, […]

What is GrayMail?

Don’t let anything hinder your email marketing efforts! Let’s face it; people don’t open every email they receive. Your organization might send out many emails to many subscribed recipients, but you still notice a low conversion rate. Why is this the case? One word: Graymail.  More often than not, people delete emails without even opening them. That’s […]

Basic Guide to UEBA

What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics? A user, server, router, or application that deviates from normal behavior can be a cause for concern. Any form of suspicious behavior can be an indication of a potential cyberattack. One way to detect this behavior is by employing User and Entity Behavior Analytics, or UEBA for short. In this […]

A Complete Guide on Micro-Segmentation

Micro-segmentation is like stained glass. If someone breaks one panel, the whole picture still stands. When you visit old European buildings and cathedrals, you’ll notice that many windows have small glass sections. If someone threw a rock at one of these windows, a small section would shatter, not the whole thing. In essence, micro-segmentation works […]

What is Site to Site VPN

A site-to-site VPN secures the connection between branches and remote workers with the main company server. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a secured remote server used to relay the entirety of one’s internet connection through that server. Similarly to how a private VPN masks the person’s IP address, a site-to-site VPN, or S2S […]

What is Cloud Access Security Broker

Cybersecurity is one of the top concerns as companies migrate to the cloud. Over the past few years, cyber threats have significantly increased. Likewise, companies have been forced to find a combination of strategies to counter these threats. A cloud access security broker (CASB) is one of the most popular solutions. A cloud access security broker […]

Data Backup and Recovery for SMB

Data protection is a serious security concern in the modern IT landscape. Cybercriminals use new and innovative attacks to breach your systems and steal your data. Data loss results in a significant financial and reputational loss. In fact, 60% of small and medium businesses shut down within six months of a data loss incident. Thus, data backup […]

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