Chinese Espionage Attack on South East Asian Gov

At the beginning of 2021, Check Point Research identified an ongoing surveillance operation they named Sharp Panda that was targeting Southeast Asian government entities. The attackers used spear-phishing emails to gain initial access to the targeted networks. These emails typically contained a Word document with government-themed lures that leveraged a remote template to download and run a malicious RTF document, weaponized with the infamous RoyalRoad kit. Once inside, the malware starts a chain of in-memory loaders, comprised of a custom DLL downloader Checkpoint calls 5.t Downloader and a second-stage loader responsible for the delivery of a final backdoor. The final payload observed in campaigns at the time was VictoryDll, a custom and unique malware that enabled remote access and data collection from the infected device.

However, in early 2023, when investigating an attack against one of the government entities located in the targeted region, the payload received from the actor’s geo-fenced C&C server was different from the VictoryDll backdoor observed before. Further analysis revealed that this payload is a new version of SoulSearcher loader, which is responsible for downloading, decrypting, and loading in memory other modules of the Soul modular backdoor.

Chinese Espionage Attack on South East Asian Gov
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