Malware Delivered via Contact Forms

The DFIR Report expands on an intrusion from May 2022, where threat actors used BumbleBee as the initial access vector from a Contact Forms campaign. The intrusion began with the delivery of an ISO file that contained an LNK and a DLL. The threat actors leveraged BumbleBee to load a Meterpreter agent and Cobalt Strike Beacons. They then performed reconnaissance, used two different UAC bypass techniques, dumped credentials, escalated privileges using a ZeroLogon exploit, and moved laterally through the environment.

The intrusion started with a contact form on a website. The contact form gets filled out by the threat actor with a Copyright notice, purporting a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It then encourages the recipient to download a file showing the purported violation.

Malware Delivered via Contact Forms
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