Credential Theft and How can you prevent it

Cybercriminals conduct credential harvesting for many reasons. They may be looking for your network’s location. They may also want to commit fraud. A 2017 Verizon report stated that over 80% of cybercrime was a result of stolen passwords! This trend of stealing credentials is on the rise.    

A lack of jobs for highly qualified IT literate personnel has led to an increase in attacks. Additionally, various technologies are allowing criminals to connect together and trade personal details. This means someone within your business can leak your data. Then, they’ll send it to malicious actors specializing in fraud or cyberattacks. This means the attackers are better hidden. The criminal’s operation will also be more streamlined.  

bad actor can use many different tools to gain your credentials. To read more on this can be prevented, please click on this link for full article:

Credential Theft and How can you prevent it
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