Tips And Best Practices For Small Business Email Management

One of my friends, Janet, is a classic example of why you need email management in your business. She constantly receives hundreds of emails at work. One day, she had an important client presentation in the afternoon. But the client sent her an email the previous night rescheduling the meeting to the early morning instead. By the time she got to work, she should’ve already started with her presentation.

Unfortunately, her inbox was already full of office news messages and newsletters. So by the time she sorted through them and found the client’s email, it was already too late. Her company ended up losing a valuable client contract. She wouldn’t have been stuck in this situation if she had applied email management best practices.

Janet’s situation might sound all too familiar. Perhaps you’ve had a similar blunder or watched a similar situation unfold with one of your employees. Either way, it’s damaging to your business. To help you avert this crisis in the future, I’ll take you through what email management is and how it can help your business. Lots of things to go over, so let’s get started, shall we?

Tips And Best Practices For Small Business Email Management
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