Hack for Hire/Cyber Attack Mercenary Group

Void Balaur is a highly active hack-for-hire / cyber mercenary group with a wide range of known target types across the globe. Their services have been observed for sale to the public online since at least 2016. The hack-for-hire service offering linked to Void Balaur has been advertised through various brand names. The services they have offered over the years include:

  • Remote access or perform requested actions on target PCs
  • Remove content from any blogs, forums, YouTube Channels, news sites or databases “of any institution”.
  • collection of private data and access to specific online email and social media services, such as Gmail, Outlook, Telegram, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram, and business emails.
  • Cleanup information online, and manipulate search engine results.
  • Remote access to iPhones, mobile tracking, manulating associated data.
  • SMS historical records of targets.
  • Real time location tracking through mobile networks.

Void Balaur continues their known targeting of a wide variety of individuals and organizations across the globe. The vast majority of known 2022 targets hold a special interest or involvement in business and political situations relevant to organizations inside Russia. Examples include individuals heavily involved in geopolitics, legal, business transactions, technology, human rights and more.


Hack for Hire/Cyber Attack Mercenary Group
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