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It used to be that Microsoft attracted all the attention of malicious hackers. They seemed mostly happy to leave macOS and Linux alone for the most part. Not any more (Ars Technica). Will Microsoft’s growing footprint in the Linux/FOSS landscape cause the Black Hat community to up their targeting of Linux systems? What do you think?

Open Source software already dominates the enterprise (ADMIN Network & Security) and it’s also steadily making greater entry into government sectors in various countries, such as the UK government where research by Aiven shows that more Open Source software is being used now in this sector than five years ago (BetaNews). We’re pretty sure we can expect this trend to continue and even accelerate given the polarizing nature of Windows 11 (BetaNews). After all some modern Linux distros are so simple and easy to use that even Windows users can like them (Linux Magazine)!

In other Linux news popular Open Source email client Thunderbird recently released a new version that includes some much-requested features that can improve productivity for users (Thunderbird). And text warriors may be happy to learn that version 9.0 of the popular Vim text editor has just been released with a whole bunch of gnarly new features (UbuntuHandbook).

And finally if you’re hosting Linux servers in Microsoft Azure then this article goes into some good detail on how to use secure methods for authenticating to those servers (Manufacturing blog). Remember that it’s as important to secure and protect Linux workloads running in Azure as it is Windows Server workloads.

Linux News
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