Malicious PyPL module Poses as Security SDK

A malicious Python package is posing as a software development kit (SDK) for the security firm SentinelOne, researchers at ReversingLabs discovered. The package, SentinelOne has no connection to the noted threat detection firm of the same name and was first uploaded to PyPI, the Python Package Index, on Dec 11, 2022. It has been updated 20 times since, with the most recent version, 1.2.1, uploaded on Dec 13, 2022.

The package appears to be a fully functional SentinelOne client, but contains a malicious backdoor, according to ReversingLabs threat researcher Karlo Zanki. The malicious functionality in the library does not execute upon installation, but waits to be called on programmatically before activating – a possible effort to avoid detection. ReversingLabs are calling this campaign “SentinelSneak.”

The SentinelOne imposter package is just the latest threat to leverage the PyPI repository and underscores the growing threat to software supply chains, as malicious actors use strategies like “typosquatting” to exploit developer confusion and push malicious code into development pipelines and legitimate applications.

Malicious PyPL module Poses as Security SDK
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