Manually Creating Swap Partition

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What happened to Swap….

Creating Swap partition alone would not suffice that it would be used by the system; it has to be initialized and activated.

To initialize:

# mkswap /dev/sda5

To activate:

# swapon /dev/sda5

When I recreated the partition I didn’t know about the above and this…

New Swap partition’s UUID had to update in /etc/fstab

How to get the UUID, run this command:

# blkid | grep swap | awk '{print $2}'

Echo out the UUID into /etc/fstab file  and use the same as the previous swap entry

Mount the swap with this command:

# mount -a

Well that fixed the missing swap issue….

The final issue to address ” Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device”  message at boot time

Don’t take me as a genius here… the fixes for the issues are all obtained by googling…credit goes to the original solution posters.

The solution given was to remove


and then run

update-initramfs -u

Well… did the above but the system went into a hung state with heavy CPU usage after reboot.

As I always do in such cases, force restart the system into safe mode and then rebooted in to normal state…. Viola… no issue or Errors. 

Manually Creating Swap Partition

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