CyberCrime Group Targets MS Exchange

A Swiss cybersecurity firm, Prodaft, has recently released a report about FIN7, deeming it one of the deadliest cybercrime groups on the planet that mainly targets corporations with vulnerabilities. The group uses an auto-attack system, Checkmarks, to breach corporate networks with Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities. It chooses its targets based on financial size, total employees, vulnerability, and other criteria.  

“FIN7 group is known to hold a notorious status due to their achievement in deploying extensive backdoors in leveraging software supply chains, distributing malicious USB sticks, and cooperating with other groups,” read the report’s overview.  

Prodaft claims to have gained a sneak peek into the group’s “inner workings”. The company obtained information about “their organizational structures, identities, attack vectors, infrastructures, and proof-supported affiliations with other ransomware groups.”

Location is no obstacle for an international crime organization interested in profit.
Source: The Hacker News

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CyberCrime Group Targets MS Exchange
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