Phishing Activities in 2022

Phishing scams continue to plague the internet in 2022, more now than ever. This article explores the latest data and current trends and shows you how to avoid a phishing attack today.

Cybercrime consultants have found over a million discrete phishing attacks perpetrated this year, which is up by 61% in the same time period in 2021.

In a recent sophisticated phishing attack, customers of the Dutch bank MKB were targeted with a fake newsletter that purported to be from MKB.

The newsletter asked customers to follow a link to find out more about how the bank was supporting customers through the pandemic. The link took victims to a phony authorization page that stole their Outlook login credentials.

This is the kind of cybercrime that was on the rise in 2022.

More news/attack information unfolds in the complete article in the link below:

Phishing Activities in 2022
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