Supply Chain Attack with Different PyPl Methods

In the beginning of November several malicious python packages distributing the W4SP malware were found in the Python Package Index (PyPI) open source repository. These packages contain malicious code, hidden inside or scripts, which downloads a stage 2 payload from a remote location. Stage 2 payload is W4SP stealer capable of stealing a wide range of sensitive data including stored passwords, cookies, Discord tokens, crypto wallets, telegram data and a long list of files related to different web services. This Python malware contains several layers of obfuscation in order to avoid detection. More details can be found in Phylum and Checkmarx reports cited below.

Despite the disclosure by Phylum and Checkmarx, this supply chain attack is ongoing. Further investigation by ReversingLabs has uncovered 10 previously undisclosed Python packages that appear to be part of the same campaign, but that are pushing a slightly modified version of the W4SP Stealer and relying on a different command and control (C2) infrastructure.

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Supply Chain Attack with Different PyPl Methods
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