RomCom Threat Actor Spoofs Keepass and Solarwinds

The threat actor known as RomCom is actively deploying new campaigns aimed at victims in Ukraine and English-speaking regions. The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team discovered new campaigns that spoof popular brand-name software packages. The United Kingdom is possibly a new target, while Ukraine is still the main focus.

Blackberry found RomCom leveraging the following products in their campaigns: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, KeePass Open-Source Password Manager, and PDF Reader Pro.

In preparation for an attack, the RomCom threat actor performs the following simplified scheme: scraping the original legitimate HTML code from the vendor to spoof, registering a malicious domain similar to the legitimate one, Trojanizing a legitimate application, uploading a malicious bundle to the decoy website, deploying targeted phishing emails to the victims, or in some instances, using additional infector vectors.

RomCom Threat Actor Spoofs Keepass and Solarwinds
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