Russian Gangs Obtain 50 Million Passwords

Group-IB, a cybersecurity company, has issued a press release reporting that 34 Russian cybercrime gangs have compromised 50-million accounts through a stealer-as-a-service scam. The scammers have stolen user passwords from sites like Steam and Roblox, and payment information and credentials from Amazon, PayPal, and cryptocurrency wallets. 

In total, the cybercriminals compromised over 890,000 devices in over 111 countries. Aside from looting passwords, the stealers also harvested over 2 billion cookie files113,204 crypto wallets, and 103,150 payment cards.

Under the stealer-as-a-service model, the cybercriminals primarily used Redline (23 groups) and Racoon (8 groups) software to obtain user information. While three groups used custom software. 

The attackers communicated in Russian on Telegram groups, and mainly targeted users in the US, Brazil, India, Germany, and Indonesia.

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Russian Gangs Obtain 50 Million Passwords
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