Single vs Multi Tenant Cloud Architecture

Using the cloud in your business is undoubtedly beneficial for infrastructure, security, marketing, and deployment. Depending on your business needs, you’ll have to choose whether to use single-tenant or multi-tenant cloud architecture. 

Single-tenant architecture is when a single client uses a dedicated cloud server. Conversely, multi-tenant cloud architecture is meant for multiple clients, all of whom share the same server segment.

Generally, cloud computing has 3 different server types:

  1. Public servers
  2. Private servers
  3. Hybrid servers

Private servers are usually known for single-tenancy and public ones for multi-tenancy. But that isn’t always the case. In some scenarios, you’d want to host multiple clients on a private server or would need dedicated servers on public cloud servers.

This link below discusses what tenancy in cloud software architecture is and the benefits and drawbacks of the two tenancy types.

Single vs Multi Tenant Cloud Architecture
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