Android Banking Malware

Check Point Research encountered an Android Banking Malware named FakeCalls, a malware that can masquerade as one of more than 20 financial applications and imitate phone conversations with bank or financial service employees – this attack is called voice phishing. FakeCalls malware targeted the South Korean market and possesses the functionality of a Swiss army […]

Some Pixel Phones are crashing cos of YouTube videos

A specific YouTube video is causing some Pixel phones to crash, as reported by Android Authority. When those who are affected by the problem try to watch the video, their phone instantly reboots. Some, including Android Authority, have also said their phones present cellular network issues afterward. (Android Authority said those issues were fixed after another reboot.) Readmore …. […]

GodFather: Android Malware

GodFather is a notorious Android banking trojan known for targeting banking users, mostly in European countries. Recently, CRIL identified several GodFather Android samples masquerading as MYT application. The GodFather Android malware, after successful installation on the victim’s device, steals sensitive data such as SMSs, basic device details, including installed apps data, and the device’s phone […]

Android Malware Infects 300,000 Facebook users

Android malware dubbed Schoolyard Bully Trojan has infected and extracted information from over 300,000 devices in 71 countries since 2018, the mobile security firm Zimperium zLabs reported. The apps were marketed as educational on Google Play Store and primarily targeted Facebook users in Vietnam.  The report cautions that the apps, though now removed from the Google Play […]

New Malicious Clicker Found in Android App

Recently the McAfee Mobile Research Team has identified new Clicker malware that sneaked into Google Play. In total 16 applications that were previously on Google Play have been confirmed to have the malicious payload with an assumed 20 million installations. The malicious code was found on useful utility applications like Flashlight (Torch), QR readers, Camara, […]

TOAD attack: Vishing and Android Banking Malware

ThreatFabric’s analysts uncovered a network of phishing websites targeting Italian online-banking users and aiming to steal their banking credentials. Further research defined a connection between this network and the Android banking Trojan dubbed Copybara, that is involved in telephone-oriented attack delivery performed by the threat actors. Latest version of it introduced unique feature that allows […]

Fake Mobile Banking Rewards Apps

Rewards Plus: Fake Mobile Banking Rewards Apps Lure Users to Install Info-Stealing RAT on Android Devices A fake mobile banking rewards app delivered through a link in an SMS campaign has been making the rounds, targeting customers of Indian banking institutions. Users who install the mobile app are unknowingly installing an Android malware with remote […]

Vulnerability in TikTok Android app

Microsoft discovered a high-severity vulnerability in the TikTok Android application, which could have allowed attackers to compromise users’ accounts with a single click. The vulnerability, which would have required several issues to be chained together to exploit, has been fixed and we did not locate any evidence of in-the-wild exploitation. Attackers could have leveraged the vulnerability […]

Malware that runs automatically and hides on Google Play

McAfee’s Mobile Research Team has identified new malware on the Google Play Store. Most of them are disguising themselves as cleaner apps that delete junk files or help optimize their batteries for device management. However, this malware hides and continuously show advertisements to victims. In addition, they run malicious services automatically upon installation without executing […]

Spyware Vendor Targets Mobile Users

Google has been tracking the activities of commercial spyware vendors for years. Recently, RCS Labs, an Italian vendor, has been found to use a combination of tactics, including atypical drive-by downloads as initial infection vectors to target mobile users on both iOS and Android. Google has identified victims located in Italy and Kazakhstan. All campaigns […]

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