UTM is there a need ?

What Is Unified Threat Management and Why Is It Important for Cybersecurity? Cyberattacks are on the rise, and falling victim to one can result in detrimental consequences, including financial and reputational losses. You need the right defenses in place to better protect yourself, your company, and, more importantly, your clients! Don’t worry, several solutions are at […]

Tips and Tutorial

Let’s mix things up a bit this week, just for fun. Here goes! Enable BitLocker Silently using Autopilot and Intune (TechNuggets) How to Install and Uninstall KernelCare (Linux Journal) 5 Firewall Best Practices Every Business Should Implement (TechGenix) Tips for Overcoming Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Challenges (DataCenter Knowledge) How to install and edit desktop files […]

RiskIQ: Suspicious File Hosted on Discord’s CDN

On June 16, 2022, RiskIQ detected a malicious .zip file hosted on Discord’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). The .zip file dropped an executable which appears to download another payload hosted at a Middle Eastern energy company’s website which was likely compromised in early June 2022. DriftingCloud: Zero-Day Sophos Firewall Exploitation and an Insidious Breach […]

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