Playing with Powershell Variables

Declaring a variable in PowerShell is usually a simple matter. Just specify the variable name, an equal sign, and the value you want to assign to the variable. Then PowerShell will do the rest. Despite this simplicity, you can make working with variables easier with a few extra tricks. For instance, you can define constants and […]

Power of Windows PowerShell

Great set of links which would be useful in managing windows systems with ease: Enhance PowerShell with the PSReadLine Module (TechGenix) Find Inactive User Accounts In Your Domain (Command Line Ninja) Use PowerShell to determine the Windows version on DVD, ISO, or USB installation media (Mike F. Robbins) Using PowerShell Behind a Proxy Server (Windows […]

Windows Powershell Tips and Tutorial

This week we have nine tips for those who use PowerShell for managing their environment: Configuring PowerShell 7 With Group Policy (Under The Stairs) 3 Ways to Download a File in PowerShell (ITPro Today) How to perform Azure AD bulk operations with PowerShell (Command Line Ninja) From Standard User To Elevated Administrator: Run Elevated Powershell […]

Tips and Tutorials

A bunch of PowerShell tips and tutorials: PowerShell First-Timers (The Lonely Administrator) Top PowerShell commands you just have to try (onMSFT) PowerShell Profile Files: Getting Started (Windows OS Hub) Using PowerShell to manage password resets in Windows domains (BleepingComputer) How To Use a For Each Loop in PowerShell (ITProToday) Update all PowerShell Modules with one […]

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