Guide to Cloud Data Security

Cloud storage is big, convenient, and here to stay. Unfortunately for many companies, cybercriminals are unrelenting in their effort to steal cloud data. For example, Cognyte, a cyber analytics firm, used third-party cloud software to store customer data. A misconfiguration in their cloud data security left one of their databases unsecured. As a result, criminals […]

Essential Email Security Policies

Although the average person may not encounter a substantial amount of emails, businesses and people within these businesses use email every day. Unfortunately, cybercriminals often use this common messaging tool as an attack vector. In this year’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, phishing is the costliest initial attack vector, with an average of USD4.91 million. The […]

Hackers Utilize SwissTransfer To Deploy Phishing Scam

Cofense Phishing Defence Center (PDC) noted a number of emails using the SwissTransfer service to conduct phishes against recipients. Navigating to the link on the email will present the user with a legitimate SwissTransfer download page where a PDF file can be downloaded by the user. Once the file has been downloaded, and the recipient […]

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