Top Cybercrime Cases in 2022

Cybersecurity was on everyone’s lips throughout 2022, and for a good reason. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported a whopping 62% yearly increase in cybercrime cases between February 2021 and February 2022.

Surprisingly, the types of cybercrime cases committed have become more basic. Today, simpler hacks, scams, and attacks are more prevalent than sophisticated cracks and breaches.

Overall, 3 novelties exist when it comes to cybercrime in 2022 compared to previous years:

  1. Huge focus on crypto
  2. More distributed attacks on smaller companies
  3. Increased diversity in identity theft scams

The new dangers aren’t really new. Good cybersecurity strategies would deal with almost all of them with ease.

However, the opportunity for cybercriminals to find and exploit soft targets has increased with the switch to working online. Now, the industry must get up to speed and improve cybersecurity overall.

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Top Cybercrime Cases in 2022
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