WIP19 Espionage

New Chinese APT Targets IT Service Providers and Telcos With Signed Malware

SentinelLabs has been monitoring a threat cluster they track as WIP19, a group characterized by the usage of a legitimate, stolen digital certificate issued by a company called “DEEPSoft”. WIP19 has been targeting telecommunications and IT service providers in the Middle East and Asia.

Throughout this activity, the threat actor abused the certificate to sign several malicious components. Almost all operations performed by the threat actor were completed in a “hands-on keyboard” fashion, during an interactive session with compromised machines. This meant the attacker gave up on a stable C2 channel in exchange for stealth.

Analysis of the backdoors utilized, in conjunction with pivoting on the certificate, suggest portions of the components used by WIP19 were authored by WinEggDrop, a well-known Chinese-speaking malware author who has created tools for a variety of groups and has been active since 2014. The use of WinEggDrop-authored malware, stolen certificates and correlating TTPs indicate possible links to Operation Shadow Force.


WIP19 Espionage
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