A New Wave Of Ransomware Campaigns: AXLocker, Octocrypt

Ransomware operators have a new tool, named AXLocker, which can encrypt several file types and make them completely unusable. Additionally, the ransomware steals Discord tokens from the victim’s machine and sends them to a separate Discord server ran by the threat actors (TAs) . Finally, the AXLocker ransomware shows a pop-up window that contains a ransom note that gives instructions to victims on contacting the TAs to restore their encrypted files.

Octocrypt is a new ransomware strain that targets all Windows versions. The ransomware builder, encryptor, and decryptor are written in Golang. The TAs behind Octocrypt operate under the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model and surfaced on cybercrime forums around October 2022 for USD400. Octocrypt ransomware has a simple web interface for building the encryptor and decryptor, and the web panel also displays the infected victim’s details.

One more new ransomware dubbed “Alice” also appeared on cybercrime forums under the TAs project of “Alice in the Land of Malware”. The Alice ransomware also works under the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model.

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A New Wave Of Ransomware Campaigns: AXLocker, Octocrypt
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