ViperSoftX: Hiding and Stealing

ViperSoftX is a multi-stage stealer that exhibits interesting hiding capabilities. Other than stealing cryptocurrencies, it also spreads the VenomSoftX browser extension, which performs man-in-the-browser attacks.

One of the payloads ViperSoftX distributes is a specific information stealer in the form of a browser extension for Chromium-based browsers. Due to its standalone capabilities and uniqueness, we decided to give it its own name, VenomSoftX. The malicious extension provides full access to every page the victim visits, carries out man-in-the-browser attacks to perform cryptocurrency addresses swapping by tampering with API requests’ data on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, steals credentials and clipboard content, tampers with crypto addresses on visited websites, reports events using MQTT to the C&C server, and more.

ViperSoftX is mostly spread via cracked software such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Video Studio, Microsoft Office, and more, commonly distributed over torrents.

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ViperSoftX: Hiding and Stealing
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