Info Stealer named Skuld

In May 2023, the Trellix Advanced Research Center discovered a new Golang stealer, known as Skuld, that compromised systems worldwide. The malware targets sensitive information stored in certain applications, such as Discord and web browsers, and the Windows system. The author, Deathined, has taken inspiration from different open-source projects and malware samples to build up […]

Russian Gangs Obtain 50 Million Passwords

Group-IB, a cybersecurity company, has issued a press release reporting that 34 Russian cybercrime gangs have compromised 50-million accounts through a stealer-as-a-service scam. The scammers have stolen user passwords from sites like Steam and Roblox, and payment information and credentials from Amazon, PayPal, and cryptocurrency wallets.  In total, the cybercriminals compromised over 890,000 devices in over 111 countries. Aside from looting passwords, […]

Aurora a trending infostealer Malware

Since September 2022, Aurora malware is advertised as an infostealer and several traffers teams announced they added it to their malware toolset. Furthermore, SEKOIA.IO observed an increase in the number of Aurora samples distributed in the wild, as well as C2 servers. First advertised on Russian-speaking underground forums in April 2022, Aurora is a multi-purpose […]

FormBook Stealer Is Gaining Traction

FormBook stealer is an infostealer‍ trojan available as a malware-as-service. This malware is often used by attackers with low technical literacy and little programming knowledge. FormBook can be used to steal various information from infected machines. Despite how easy it is to set up and use, the malware has advanced stealing and evasion functions including […]

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