Imposter HTTP Libraries Lurk on PyPI

ReversingLabs researchers discovered more than three dozen malicious packages on the PyPI repository that mimic popular HTTP libraries.  The descriptions for these packages, for the most part, don’t hint at their malicious intent. Some are disguised as real libraries and make flattering comparisons between their capabilities and those of known, legitimate HTTP libraries. The packages […]

Supply Chain Attack Using Identical PyPI Packages

The FortiGuard Labs team has discovered a new 0-day attack embedded in three PyPI packages (Python Package Index) called ‘colorslib’, ‘httpslib’, and “libhttps”. They were found on January 10, 2023, by monitoring an open-source ecosystem. The Python packages “colorslib” and “httpslib” were published on January 7, 2023, and “libhttps” was published on January 12, 2023. […]

Malicious PyPL module Poses as Security SDK

A malicious Python package is posing as a software development kit (SDK) for the security firm SentinelOne, researchers at ReversingLabs discovered. The package, SentinelOne has no connection to the noted threat detection firm of the same name and was first uploaded to PyPI, the Python Package Index, on Dec 11, 2022. It has been updated […]

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