Manually Creating Swap Partition

Continuing from this articles… What happened to Swap…. Creating Swap partition alone would not suffice that it would be used by the system; it has to be initialized and activated. To initialize: # mkswap /dev/sda5 To activate: # swapon /dev/sda5 When I recreated the partition I didn’t know about the above and this… New Swap […]

Re-Sizing Linux Storage

Continuing from this article While testing out the file server services; the storage space soon filled up. That’s when I realised I had provisioned only 16GB of Storage most likely I thought I’m won’t doing anything else besides sftp testing. So how exactly I increased the Storage size…  There are couple of options in […]

Debian 11 on 128 MB RAM

Coming from Win 3.1 days, I can’t fathom what the craze with modern operating systems gobbling GBs of RAM. Therefore I took it on myself to find which modern OS can smoothly run with the least amount of RAM. So I set out some parameter the OS should server, like it should have the complete […]

Cl0p ransomware variant targets Linux

SentinelLabs observed the first ELF variant of Cl0p (also known as Clop) ransomware variant targeting Linux systems on the 26th of December 2022. The new variant is similar to the Windows variant, using the same encryption method and similar process logic. While the Windows versions contain a hashing algorithm in order to avoid encrypting specific […]

Coinminers installed by Linux Malware

The ASEC analysis team recently discovered that a Linux malware developed with Shc has been installing a CoinMiner. It is presumed that after successful authentication through a dictionary attack on inadequately managed Linux SSH servers, various malware were installed on the target system. Among those installed were the Shc downloader, XMRig CoinMiner installed through the […]

Linux Tech Tips

Ubuntu Tips How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop [Step by Step Picture Guide] (Ubuntu Handbook) How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Using ‘do-release-upgrade’ Command ( How to enable SSH 2FA on Ubuntu Server 22.04 (TechRepublic) Install Grub Customizer to Configure the Boot Menu in Ubuntu 22.04 (Ubuntu Handbook) 31 Linux Commands Every Ubuntu User […]

Linux News

Linux News – Concerning Intel Laptop Users Should Avoid Linux 5.19.12 To Avoid Potentially Damaging The Display (Phoronix) Linux devices ‘increasingly’ under attack from hackers, warn security researchers (ZDNet) Document Foundation starts charging €8.99 for ‘free’ LibreOffice (The Register) Linux News VirtualBox 7.0 is Now Available For Installation (Linux Magazine) EuroLinux could be the ideal […]

Linux News

Something to think about for those considering migrating PCs from Windows to Linux. Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2022 edition (ITVision). This guy also has interesting articles about everything wrong with Win10 and Win11. Very opinionated but has lots of stuff to think about.

PyPl Package Drops Fileless Linux Malware

PyPI Package ‘secretslib’ Drops Fileless Linux Malware to Mine Monero Sonatype has identified a ‘secretslib’ PyPI package that describes itself as “secrets matching and verification made easy.” On a closer inspection though, the package covertly runs cryptominers on your Linux machine in-memory (directly from your RAM), a technique largely employed by fileless malware and crypters.  […]

Lightning Framework: New “Swiss Army Knife” Linux malware

Lightning Framework is a new undetected ‘Swiss Army Knife’-like Linux malware that has modular plugins and the ability to install rootkits. The framework has both passive and active capabilities for communication with the threat actor, including opening up SSH on an infected machine, and a polymorphic malleable command and control configuration. The framework consists of […]

Linux News

It used to be that Microsoft attracted all the attention of malicious hackers. They seemed mostly happy to leave macOS and Linux alone for the most part. Not any more (Ars Technica). Will Microsoft’s growing footprint in the Linux/FOSS landscape cause the Black Hat community to up their targeting of Linux systems? What do you think? Open Source software […]

Tips and Tutorial

Let’s mix things up a bit this week, just for fun. Here goes! Enable BitLocker Silently using Autopilot and Intune (TechNuggets) How to Install and Uninstall KernelCare (Linux Journal) 5 Firewall Best Practices Every Business Should Implement (TechGenix) Tips for Overcoming Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Challenges (DataCenter Knowledge) How to install and edit desktop files […]

‘Syslogk’, Linux Kernel Rootkit Found in Wild

Syslogk Rootkit is heavily based on Adore-Ng, a relatively old, open-source, well-known kernel rootkit for Linux, but incorporates new functionalities making the user-mode application and the kernel rootkit hard to detect. Avast names this rootkit ‘Syslogk’, due to how it ‘reveals’ itself when specially crafted data is written to the file /proc/syslogk.

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